Google has become central to the way most businesses think about their marketing strategies. Many people, however, haven’t yet learned how to take full advantage of the limitless possibilities offered by Google. There’s much more to using a search engine than simply typing in a few words and seeing what shows up in the results. This video from marketing specialist Neil Patel offers some invaluable tips for utilizing Google.

These are some of the best tricks he recommends:

Excluding Some Results

If you want to refine your results, you should know how to exclude certain subjects from your search results. You can do this by typing out the term you want to search for, hitting the space key, typing a minus sign, and then typing the term you want to exclude. For example, if you wanted to do a search for every planet in the solar system except Pluto, you would type this: solar system planets -Pluto.

Doing an “Intext” Search

Do you want to see if websites are talking about your brand? One of the fastest ways to do that is to use Google’s “intext” search operator. To do this, type out the word “intext,” add a colon, and then type the name of your brand. For example, an intext search for Google itself would look like this: intext:google. Every page you see in the search results should mention your brand.

Search for Keywords in Titles

If you’re tired of seeing search results that are only tangentially related to what you’re looking for, you might try restricting your search to keywords in titles. You can do this by putting “intitle” and a colon in front of every keyword you want to locate. For example, if you were looking up sites with “coffee” in the title, you would search this way: intitle:coffee.

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