Just having social media profiles isn’t enough—your business also needs quality content if you’re going to benefit from this type of marketing. While text-based updates can be informative, they are not the most eye-catching posts that your followers will see. This is why it’s a good idea to include visuals in your social media posts. Graphics can boost your social media presence in a variety of ways—continue reading to find out more!

Make Your Posts Stand Out

Writing blogs is a highly effective way to share valuable information with potential customers. However, when it comes to posting about these blogs on social media, text isn’t your only option. According to Social Media Examiner, posting updates with pictures or albums can result in up to 180% more engagement than posting updates with just text. A graphic design service can provide custom images that relate to your blogs, allowing you to create more engaging social media posts that encourage people to visit your website.

Illustration of 2 computer screens: 1 with text, and 1 with images.

Enhance Your Professional Image

Being active on social media should help your company’s professional image, not harm it. Part of maintaining a professional image for modern businesses is posting quality content that engages followers. When you include interesting visuals that relate to your products or services in your online posts, followers will see that you care about your online reputation as well as your professional image.

Provide Useful Information

Visuals don’t have to just contain graphic elements; they can also contain information about your products or services. Infographics are great for social media because they combine interesting visuals with helpful information. These graphics allow you to create social media posts that are both informative and engaging. Followers can find helpful tips in your infographic and then visit your website to get more details.

Increase Shareability

Along with encouraging followers to visit your website, your social media posts should also encourage followers to share them on their own pages. If your followers find your infographics and other visuals especially helpful or interesting, they might be inspired to share them with friends. When your followers share or retweet your social media posts, even more people will have a chance to see them, and in turn, be more likely to visit your website.

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Jessica - Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Services
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