Technology has revolutionized the way that companies are able to store, share, and save their data. If you rely on cloud computing, digital file management, or other web-based services for your business, it is of the utmost importance that you keep all of your information secure. Even a minor security breach can compromise your network and place your employees and clients at risk. With a few smart security measures, you will receive the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all of your digital data is safe. Read on for a look at some of the essentials of security for small businesses.

Install the Latest Security Software

When you purchase new IT equipment for your small business, be sure to install the latest security software that is available. Security software is designed to continuously comb your computers and network for signs of a virus or information breach. The moment that a security problem is detected, your security software should alert you of the issue. Keeping your security software up to date is the best way to defend your network against threats.

Create Solid Passwords

All of your company’s devices and accounts need to be password protected. With today’s hackers gaining access to more advanced password-cracking tools, it is more important than ever to generate solid passwords that are made up of a variety of different symbols, letters, and digits. After your passwords are created, they should only be shared with vital personnel. For even more password security, you can ask your IT professional to create new passwords for your entire company on a three-month rotation.

Invest in Employee Awareness

The best network security plan will be ineffective if your employees do not use it to its full advantage. To make sure that all of your team members are using secure networking and computing practices, you should take the time to hold employee safety and security training sessions. During your training sessions, you can explain the importance of cyber security and outline your company’s protocols for keeping information and passwords safe.

Utilize Encryption Services

Data encryption is necessary for many different types of small businesses. In the unfortunate event that a hacker is able to penetrate your cyber security systems and access your files and sensitive data, you can overthrow their efforts with an encryption plan. For example, SSL certificates can be used to deter unauthorized users from having any form of access to your company’s sensitive data. You can also use encryption and SSL certificates to secure your financial information, such as bank statements and credit card numbers.

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