Every industry needs marketing strategies to help them reach out to new customers and make themselves more well-known, and the home improvement industry is certainly no exception. Luckily, content marketing makes it easy to get your name out there and encourage potential customers to become actual customers. This form of marketing relies on custom content to encourage and inspire readers by building brand authority, turning readers into customers. If you’re wondering how content marketing can help your home improvement company, read about these objectives:

Answering Frequently Asked Questions

The internet is one of the best things to ever happen to homeowners. At the first sign of a problem or concern, homeowners can simply do an online search to find answers to their questions. Home improvement companies can take advantage of this convenience with content marketing. By including industry-specific keywords in custom content such as blogs, infographics, and social media posts, companies can make their content—and their websites—much more visible to homeowners during their online searches. If homeowners find your content when searching for answers to their questions about plumbing, landscaping, and other home services, they will be more likely to consider using your products or services. Creating content that answers frequently asked questions is a simple yet highly effective way to get your name out there and build a trustworthy reputation with consumers.

Offering Home Improvement Tips

Content marketing makes it easy for home improvement companies to share tips and tricks that homeowners might not even think to research on their own. Internet users might be searching for a new product and stumble upon your blog about a relevant topic, allowing them to learn even more about this product and how they can use it to improve their homes. By providing this valuable insight, you can build a reputation as a trustworthy and innovative company that website visitors will be more likely to think of the next time they need a home project completed. In fact, research from Stargazer Digital shows that 52% of consumers surveyed have already made a purchased based on information they found in a blog, while 61% of consumers surveyed actively seek information about purchasing decisions from blogs and would be more likely to work with a company after learning that they publish custom content online.

Providing Design Inspiration

Custom content creation also gives home improvement companies an opportunity to inspire their customers and potential customers. Whether they’re moving into new homes or looking to spruce up their current spaces, many homeowners are unable to envision how certain projects would look in their homes or yards. Your blogs, infographics, and other custom designs can not only inform your website visitors, but inspire them to take on household projects they never even thought were possible. If your custom content inspires website visitors to try something new in their homes or yards, then they might even contact your company to help them tackle these projects. Design inspiration is also very easy to share through email and on social media platforms, so your content could end up being seen by even more potential customers.

Sharing the Latest News and Trends

Home improvement news and trends change with the seasons, which is why homeowners are constantly looking online to learn about the latest and greatest projects. Your home improvement company can be a reliable source for news and trends with the right content marketing strategy. When you publish and promote blogs and infographics that cover news in the home improvement industry, online users will be able to easily find this information and share it with others—which can help you become more visible and potentially gain new customers. Sharing information about new products, services, and trends in the home improvement industry can also help your online fans feel more informed, inspiring them to take on new projects with your help.

Showing Off Your Work

Another benefit of content marketing is being able to easily show off your previous work to potential new customers. You might have a gallery featuring images of past jobs on your website, but these images won’t help you if nobody sees them. You can include these images in your custom blogs and infographics, making sure your home improvement abilities are seen and not just heard (or read). When online users find content that answers their questions and see inspiring images to go with it, they might be more inclined to contact your company to ask about your products and services.

If you’re ready to start taking advantage of the benefits that content marketing can offer your home improvement company, Pennington Creative can help! We offer a variety of marketing solutions, including custom blogs, infographics, images, social media posts, and much more. Contact us today for more information about our services or to start your content marketing journey.

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