For years, the world has befriended Siri, the useful voice-activated assistant built into every iPhone since the 4S. With a chipper and friendly personality, Siri can provide complete hands-free accessibility for your iPhone, but she can also be a bit snarky when you ask her the right questions. If you have yet to discover Siri’s unique brand of humor, try out these strategies for getting a quick laugh from your phone.

Ask Siri to Tell You a Joke
You might start simple and discover Siri’s arsenal of what can only be described as “dad jokes” by asking her to tell you a joke. With this single command, Siri will come up with lots of fresh responses, since she is smart enough to mix up her answers when asked the same question again and again.

Ask Some Personal Questions
If you ask Siri about her television and film preferences, you’ll find that she, perhaps somewhat predictably, has an affinity for Blade Runner and 2001: A Space Odyssey. When you get past the small talk and ask some more personal questions about her name and family, Siri is sure to provide some amusing responses. For example, if you ask why her name is Siri, she will say, “Siri has many subtle, metaphorical, and frankly contradictory meanings. None of which I am at liberty to discuss. Sorry about that.” This is all just part of her slightly spooky and seemingly sentient personality.

Pose an Existential Inquiry
Siri won’t back down from big questions, so don’t hesitate to make deep philosophical inquiries like “Do you believe in God?”, “What is the meaning of life?”, or “Do you ever wish you were human?” If you aren’t ready for these world-shattering inquiries, simply ask Siri to tell you a story, and she will not fail to spin you an amusing yarn.

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