Your company already has a Facebook page and Twitter page, what else do you need? Different social media sites offer different features that attract users. Today’s social media users love taking and sharing pictures as quickly as possible, which is why Instagram is so popular right now. Take advantage of this trend by creating a profile for your small business!

Highlight Products and Services

One of the best ways to use any social media platform is to show followers the products and services that you offer. No matter what type of business you currently run, you can ask employees to start taking pictures or even hire outside photographers to capture shots of your products and services. Posting these pictures to Instagram will give your followers a better idea of what your business is all about. You can also get in on a recent trend by making short video collages that show each step necessary to successfully use your products.

Do Research

Social media has given customers a totally new way to share their opinions about the products and services they use. When you post pictures of your offerings to your Instagram page, followers will be able to press “like” and leave comments about their positive experiences. Some customers may leave comments expressing frustration over negative experiences, but these comments can simply help you develop stronger products in the future. Your Instagram profile can also enable you to research what your competitors are doing and how social media users react to it.

Interact with Customers

While an Instagram profile can help you with valuable research, it will also allow you to interact with customers in other ways. You can post fun pictures or videos that are relevant to your industry. These will provide entertainment to your customers. Other posts can encourage customers to comment with calls-to-action, and you can keep the conversation going in the comment section! This type of interaction can help build stronger relationships.

Show Off Your Personality

What makes your small business unique? You don’t want to look like every other small business posting pictures to Instagram, which is why it’s important to show off your company’s unique personality. Start by regularly posting pictures of your employees to let fans see the faces behind the products. You can also share pictures of corporate outings and local events that may interest your followers.

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Jessica - Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Services
Jessica DeMilt

Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Services