Link building occurs when an external website posts a link to your website. This process is an important factor when ranking Google search results, which is why businesses of all sizes should consider it a priority. If you want to improve your company’s link building efforts, read on to see how social media can help:

Include Links to Your Site in Social Profiles

When you first set up your social media profiles, you’ll be prompted to fill out information about your company. This section, commonly known as the “Bio” or “About” section, is where you will describe what your business does. You will also be able to include a link to the main page of your website. If you talk about specific aspects of your business in any other parts of your profiles, include a link to the most relevant page on your site. Consumers often turn to social media to find information about products and services they want, and they’ll be more likely to use your company if your social media pages contain easy-to-find links to your website.

Post Links to Your Site

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter allow users to post updates that will be seen by anyone who likes or follows them. This provides an excellent opportunity to regularly post links to your website, which can help with your overall link building goals. With content marketing, you can create blog posts, infographics, and other forms of engaging content to publish on your website. You can then make sure your fans and followers are aware of your new content by posting links on your social media pages.

Encourage Others to Share Your Posts

When people share your posts on Facebook or retweet you on Twitter, they publish your posts on their own timelines for their fans and followers to see. You can encourage other users to share and retweet your posts so that they become more visible to a wider audience. Look for accounts that are relevant to your industry, are active on social media, and have a lot of followers. Mention these accounts by name and politely ask them to share your posts that feature links to your website. You can also include a general encouragement asking all your fans and followers to share your posts. When more people see your links, more people are likely to click on them.

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