As a rule, when most people use search engines, they tend to type only a few keywords. That’s why many companies focus on optimizing for the broadest possible terms and phrases. However, users will get more specific and search for longer phrases and questions, which can be targeted in the same way as shorter keywords. Check out this video and keep reading to learn about the SEO benefits you can enjoy when you optimize for long-tail keyword phrases.

You’ll have less competition.

When you rely too much on more generic keywords and phrases, it’s likely that you’ll find yourself running up against a lot of local competition. Long-tail keyword phrases tend to be focused on very niche services, which means that your company may be one of the only results that comes up for that search. If you aren’t using that keyword, you may be depriving yourself of an important marketing opportunity.

You’ll get more conversions.

Since long-tail keywords are mainly used by internet users who are searching for something specific for a reason, they’re more likely to want to make a purchase when they do find it. In other words, they’re already at a later stage of the buying cycle than users who are searching for more generic terms. This means that the average rate of conversions from long-tail keywords is much higher than that of short-tail keywords.

You’ll be able to target an audience more effectively.

It’s much easier to optimize your content for your desired audience when you’re working with long-tail keywords. Instead of trying to appeal to a wider range of internet users using short-tail keywords, which may or may not reach your intended audience, you can appeal more effectively to a smaller range of potential customers by emphasizing high-value long-tail keywords.

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Justyn Dillingham

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