Your logo acts as the face of your company, and that is a major responsibility. Whether you are starting a new business or giving your company’s brand a facelift, designing your logo will be one of the most important tasks. Here is a look at three of the most important factors that can make or break your company’s logo.

Visual Appeal

Your company’s logo must be visually appealing. When potential customers see your logo, they should be interested in finding out more, rather than discouraged by your brand image.

Illustration about the importance of visual appeal in logos.

Effective logos tend to have simple designs that are easy to recognize and remember, and that can stand the test of time. Be sure to follow basic design principles when your team is designing a new logo—use color, form, and space carefully to send the right message to your customer base.


A great logo not only looks visually appealing, but also clearly communicates the business’ name. Your logo should show your company’s name clearly whether it is being printed on your letterhead, business cards, or employee uniforms, or shown on your business’ website, social media profile, or promotional graphic.

Illustration about the importance of functionality for logos.

In order to ensure that your logo is functional, avoid “special effects” such as textured surfaces or shadowed text. Ask to see your logo shown in different sizes to ensure that it is scalable and maintains legibility at different sizes.


Since a logo is a representation of your company, it should incorporate the business’ personality. For instance, a stark, formal logo might set the wrong tone for a new startup with a casual company culture.

Illustration showing the importance of including personality in logos.

In addition to capturing the essence of your company’s personality, your logo should be unique and memorable. Avoid simply copying your favorite logo or choosing a design that is similar to that of a competitor.

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