It’s easy to get a little over-ambitious when it comes to New Year’s resolutions, which is why most of us will have broken our resolutions by the time mid-January rolls around. If you have bitten off more than you can chew with a bold New Year’s resolution, try replacing it with one of these smaller goals that can have a lasting impact on your life.

Dedicate at Least One Hour to Unplugging Each Week
Technology has its downsides, specifically the helpful-stressful cycle, which is defined by the compulsive behavior of checking your smartphone for new emails, messages, or social media updates. While it is convenient to be connected at all times, this connectedness can also keep you from relaxing and disengaging from the work obligations that raise your stress level. To fight back against the tightening grip that technology might have on your life, spend at least one hour per week unplugged and away from any phone, computer, or TV screens. Going outside and enjoying some nature scenery can further enhance the stress relief of this exercise, but staying in with a nice book and a warm cup of tea can also be a great way to unwind without going anywhere.

Learn a New Vocabulary Word Each Week
You are never too old to keep learning, so you might challenge yourself to sound smarter with an ever-expanding vocabulary. Try learning one new word each week and incorporating it into conversation to impress all of your friends.

Get Really Good at One Hobby
If words aren’t your thing, taking on a new hobby may be a better way to keep your mind sharp. Instead of simply saying that you’ll try out a new hobby, challenge yourself to get really good at whatever activity interests you. You might just find some talents that you never knew you had.

Go To a New Place Every Month
You don’t have to travel far to try something new, and trying new things can make you a much more interesting person. Even if it’s just a restaurant you’ve never dined in or a nearby hiking destination that you still haven’t explored, a new place can expand your mind and give you an exciting story to tell later on.

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