The digital revolution hasn’t just changed the way that healthcare providers deliver care and manage their practices. It has also impacted the way that patients choose where to seek care, and how those patients expect their providers to communicate with them. For healthcare organizations, content marketing is a critical part of engaging patients and making them see your practices and providers as proactive partners in their care. As patients increasingly turn to the web to make healthcare decisions, here is what your organization needs to know about using content marketing.

Prospective patients are looking online for healthcare.

Just how much is the web influencing healthcare choices made by patients? Approximately 80% of internet users have searched for health topics online, which demonstrates the power of web results. Patients are also paying attention to what health organizations are saying about care. One of the most recognized names in the industry—the Mayo Clinic—have over a million people following them on Twitter. If your organization is not part of the online conversation about health, patients may remain unaware of the services that you offer, or they may view you as having an outdated approach to care.

Robust content marketing strategies embrace multiple mediums.

The most effective content marketing strategies for healthcare organizations connect with patients on multiple platforms. All of these components play a part in your content marketing efforts:

  • Website
  • Blogs
  • Social media

When creating content, keep in mind what patients are likely to be seeking when they search for information. Although highlighting your services is important, patients are likely to engage with your organization when you provide content that discusses preventive strategies, healthy living, and practical tips for coping with life after a major medical diagnosis.

Content marketing can humanize your organization.

For patients, the human aspect of healthcare has a large impact on their experience. Through your marketing, you can humanize your organization, no matter how large it is, with content that cuts through jargon and addresses patients directly. Using layman’s language and featuring the individual members of your team when possible in your content communicates compassion and caring to your audience of potential patients.

At Pennington Creative, we can help your healthcare organization develop a comprehensive content marketing strategy that includes blogs, onsite marketing, and social media and is designed to reach your patient base. Contact our team in Tucson to start building a customized marketing strategy that will build a bridge between your organization and your patients.

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