When you work in the pet care industry, you work with a beloved part of people’s families—their pets. Your clients look to you for guidance and advice when they’re learning how to care for their dogs, cats, and other furry (or not so furry) friends. That’s why it’s important to make sure you stay organized when marketing your business and providing information to customers. Continue reading to see how using print materials can help you market and maintain a trustworthy pet care business.

Provide Customers with an Outlined Plan for a New Pet

When customers bring a new pet to your business for the first time, you can help them by providing a printed care plan. This paper or booklet should highlight the basic steps they need to take when caring for their new pet, such as scheduling appointments for all of the necessary vaccinations at a veterinary clinic. At each appointment, a member of your staff can mark down what services they’ve completed in the plan outline. This can encourage your customers to keep coming to you for their pet care needs.

Offer Customers Pet Health Information

You can help your clients stay informed by printing out pamphlets on the health issues that are common among pets in your area. Customers can read this information while they wait for an appointment or even bring the pamphlets home with them. Be sure that the pamphlets feature your business name and contact info in case your customers have further questions.

Remind Customers of Upcoming Appointments

Printing appointment reminder cards is a great way to make sure your customers bring their pets in for all of their scheduled visits. When a staff member schedules an appointment with a client, whether it is for a veterinary checkup or a grooming appointment, he or she should write the information on an appointment reminder card and hand it to the client along with any receipts from the current visit.

Do you host pet events or plan to have a sale soon? Printed flyers can help you advertise these. Including fun graphics will catch people’s eyes, but it’s also important to include any pertinent details to encourage them to come back for the event. Keep the flyers in your office or at your checkout register where customers are sure to see them.

You can learn more about marketing with print materials by contacting Pennington Creative. We specialize in creating custom content and graphics for small and medium-sized businesses, and can help your business take advantage of the benefits outlined above.

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