Promoting Your Business with Seasonal Blog Content

Your business’ blog should always offer information that is relevant to your readers, but this doesn’t mean you can’t add seasonal content to your editorial calendar. In fact, posting content that focuses on the current season is a great way to draw website visitors in and keep people interested in your blog. Here’s a look at some of the ways seasonal content can be used to promote your business and boost your online presence.

Provide Relevant Information

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One of the best ways to use seasonal content to your advantage is to offer your readers information that will be useful to them right then. For instance, a dental office may want to post a blog about the importance of brushing away sugary foods and plaque one week before Halloween. A roofing company can help customers by discussing the ways to prevent ice dams before freezing temperatures arrive. By offering information that website visitors will find useful at the current time, you can gain the interest and trust of potential customers. This also encourages people to follow your social media pages so that they can continue to receive useful information from your company throughout the year.

Advertise Savings Opportunities

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Another great way to promote your business with seasonal content is to highlight sales and other savings opportunities. For instance, you may want to schedule sales around a few holidays throughout the year, and then post holiday-themed blog content to attract attention and advertise those sales. If you offer long-term service plans, consider posting information about those plans and the savings they offer before your busiest season hits.

Focus on Fun Topics

While your blog readers may primarily want information that is directly related to your products or services, posting seasonal content that focuses on more entertaining topics is a great way to draw in new website visitors and keep current subscribers interested. For instance, a landscaping company could post a blog about the history of holiday yard decorations in the late fall to capture the attention of potential customers. This technique helps to demonstrate to readers that your business values more than just the bottom line—you also want to foster a sense of community and offer website visitors information that will be interesting to them.

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