Content marketing is often the victim of good intentions and unfulfilled goals. Oftentimes, companies and agencies will strive to create their own content, but they find that it takes too much time to produce effective results. A big reason for this trend is that marketing agencies tend to underestimate how much work content marketing takes. You cannot automate a strong content marketing effort, because good content is fresh, original, well-researched, and written with the intention of engaging a specific audience. To achieve results that your agency can leverage to gain new clients and add new revenue streams to existing ones, it may be necessary to outsource your content marketing needs. If you’re on the fence about whether to invest in content marketing by partnering with a fellow agency that specializes in content creation, take a look at the following reasons to seek B2B content services.

You want to ramp up business without new hires.

You might see the potential revenue streams in SEO blog subscription services, but this revenue may not contribute much to your bottom line if you have to hire new employees with content marketing backgrounds. Outsourcing your content will deliver the income growth you desire without the overhead of new employee training, salary, and benefits packages. Working with a content provider rather than your own in-house staff or a freelance writer offers the dependability you expect from your own team with the affordability you need to ramp up your service offerings efficiently.

You have unpredictable content needs.

If your agency specializes in web design without a heavy marketing emphasis, you may only need content intermittently as new clients come to you to revamp their websites. Without a predictable schedule of content needs, you might hesitate to hire new staff to produce web copy. Outsourced content services are scalable, and they can either be subscription-based or one-offs, so you will only spend what you need to as you customize your services to your own clients.

Your scope of content services is limited.

It might be feasible to hire one writer for your staff, but what will you do when clients want custom images, infographics, and newsletters? Hiring a full team of content providers to offer these services may not be an achievable goal for your company, but these services will all be at your disposal when you partner with a content marketing company. Plus, you’ll have the ability to experiment with different content offerings to explore what works and what doesn’t for various clients and your business model.

You have an influx of clients seeking content.

Content marketing is an in-demand service, so it might be something that your clients are already looking for—even if you aren’t offering it yet. If you have had new client interest in content services, it may be impossible to vet freelancers or hire new staff fast enough to meet client demands as they arise. With an established content marketing agency, you can rest assured knowing that each product offering has been thoroughly researched and nuanced to achieve the most success in the large world of digital marketing. With this approach, you won’t be turning clients away when they present new business opportunities by asking about content.

You want a more comprehensive product offering.

When you outsource services, you can still present your product offerings as part of one cohesive brand. That means that your clients will view you as a one-stop-shop for all of their marketing needs, while your business only has to do some of the legwork to provide every service that your clients use. By simplifying the process for clients, you will see greater customer satisfaction and loyalty, leaving you with more room to grow. Outsourcing content also leaves content creation in the hands of those who are most skilled in it, which can boost your reputation rather than hurt it. If you try to deliver content without the expertise it requires, you may do more harm to your business than good.

Your competitors are doing it.

Marketing is a competitive field, because businesses have so many places they can turn for their digital marketing needs. If you want to stay on par with your competition, you might think about how other agencies are already doing business. Many B2B marketing agencies are already outsourcing their content—about 44%, as reported by the Content Marketing Institute. The most common services outsourced by B2B marketing agencies are writing, design, and content distribution, which are all among the most technical and time-consuming of the content services you might wish to offer to your clients.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve and deliver the marketing approach that your clients deserve, partner with Pennington Creative to outsource your content needs with confidence. Our team of experienced writers, editors, and designers can provide a quick turnaround to serve the content needs of small and medium-sized businesses while expanding your portfolio to help you attract more of these types of clients.

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