It’s tempting for business owners to dismiss social media as a tangent to their overall digital marketing plan, but in reality, it is a crucial element of staking out your place in the digital market. Your social media strategy can powerfully boost the effectiveness of your overall marketing campaign by increasingly your visibility where it matters most. It also creates a direct connection between you and your customers that can’t be replicated anywhere else. Here are some of the ways your social media presence can extend your reach.

Indexable Information

The first step in opening any social media account is completing a profile. When you complete a profile for your business, that information is indexable content. Websites that host business reviews use information from social media pages to create profiles of companies. The forms created by these third-party review sites are then used by Google to create their local business information pages. By completing your own profile, you’ll not only ensure that this information about your business is there to be found, but also that the information is correct across the board. As a result, you’ll experience increased visibility, especially among local consumers who are looking at local reviews, and you won’t risk the confusion associated with incorrect or missing information.

Content Syndication

Your social media platforms are publishing houses for all of your digital content. You can directly disseminate all of the pieces of content you create to your followers, who are then able to share it with their friends. If your content is shared, it could reach thousands of new people and generate a long list of new opportunities. Having a large number of shares on social media does not itself impact the rankings of your content in search engines, but it can connect you to people who link back to your content in their own work. The more links you have coming back to your content from high-quality sites, the higher your own work will rank.

Influencer Connections

Social media websites offer the best way for your content to cross the screen of digital influencers. By sharing content that you’ve generated on your social media pages, you can increase the likelihood that it will be recognized by the digital influencers in your market. These influencers can put your content in front of a new cohort of people by sharing your pieces, and they can increase the reach and visibility of your brand by inviting you to create a guest post or otherwise connect with their own followers.

Successful social media marketing is much more than just updating your status, and at Pennington Creative, we know how to leverage your pages to increase your visibility. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your business stand out more with smart social media strategies.

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Heather - Digital Marketing Specialist, Copywriting
Heather McDonald

Digital Marketing Specialist, Copywriting