A great idea can be the seed from which your small business sprouts, but you need to make sure people find out about your new venture. Much of today’s business takes place online, and there are many social media websites that people and businesses alike can use to connect with each other. Some stand above the rest, however, and using them can be more beneficial for your business. Read on to find out which social media sites your small business should use.


It’s tough to imagine a world without Facebook, and yet it’s only been around for a little over a decade. Facebook has proven itself as a social media staple, and its influence has remained strong throughout its life. As fun as it can be to check up on your friends and reconnect with old classmates, this social media site can be a wonderful tool for small business owners as well. Every small business should have its own Facebook page. You can use this platform to highlight your products and services, welcome feedback from customers, and answer questions that your existing clientele might have. You can also post about upcoming sales and promotions, changes in store hours, and events going on in your community.


Like Facebook, Twitter has become a massive platform and one of the leaders in the world of social media. Although your posts are limited to 140 characters, there are countless ways you can use Twitter to benefit your small business. You can search for authorities in your industry as well as groups and associations that you’re a part of, and then giving them a “follow” to link up with them. Twitter is constantly abuzz, which means that your up-and-coming business should be involved in the action. The website will even suggest accounts that you might want to follow, which can help you expand your circle and make new partnerships.


It’s nice to be transparent with your small business, and it’s even better to give potential customers a face to associate with your brand name. Many startup businesses use YouTube to upload videos that they share with their subscribers, but they can also share them across any other social media platform. You can film instructional videos for your plumbing company, product reviews for your car dealership, or clips of news stories that highlight the importance of your services. If one of your videos goes viral, this could work wonders for your small business.


Although people use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube on their phones, Instagram is the only social media site in this category that is almost exclusively used on mobile devices. It can be helpful to run with this “on-the-go” approach when it comes to marketing your small business. Post pictures of events that you host, and consider running promotions where customers can save money by coming in with their phones and showing you that they’re following your brand’s account. Successfully integrating all of these social media platforms can help you build up your small business by extending your influence and creating a growing fan base.

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Travis - Digital Marketing Specialist, Copywriting
Travis Ryan

Digital Marketing Specialist, Copywriting