Summer is still going strong, meaning many homeowners are spending lots of time at home with their families and friends. Spending more time indoors often leads many homeowners to start thinking about how they want to improve their spaces and what companies they’ll need to hire to complete these projects. Make sure your home improvement company takes advantage of the summer heat by reading these marketing tips.

Share Customer Pictures

Homeowners are more likely to consider your services if they see examples of your work. That is why your website should include a “Gallery” page where you post pictures of your completed projects. You can also post pictures to your social media profiles so current and potential customers can see some of the work you’ve done and determine if they want to hire you. Social media platforms provide a space where you can ask happy customers to share pictures of the projects you’ve completed for them, allowing other people to see these pictures when they visit your page. You can also create an album on Facebook to keep these photos organized and make it easier for new visitors to find examples of all the different types of projects your company has completed.

Provide Summertime Tips and Tutorials

If you have a “Blog” page on your website, then you are likely always on the lookout for interesting tips and projects to write about and share with website visitors. There are many summertime projects that homeowners like to take on, providing you with a great supply of inspiration for creating new blog posts to publish throughout the season. People love to entertain friends and family with backyard cookouts during this time of the year, so consider writing blogs about remodeling the yard to make the most of this space or offering tips for maintaining a beautiful outdoor space. HVAC companies can offer their website visitors and social media fans tips for maintaining their air conditioning units over the summer, while interior design companies can write blogs about summer décor trends to try this year. The possibilities are endless—simply think about the types of projects you typically complete during the summer months and what your team thinks homeowners should know during the hottest months of the year.

Run a Contest

Everyone loves to win! Contests are exciting and benefit both companies and their customers, making them an excellent choice for companies who want to enhance their marketing efforts. When you run a contest, you’ll be able to reach out to more potential customers and build interest in your company, while one (or more) of your customers will win a prize. Summer is a great time for contests because homeowners will appreciate winning a home improvement-related prize when they have more free time and when they’re more likely to have company over. You can put a contest form on your website and share the link on social media or use social media for the contest by encouraging people to Like, comment, or share to enter for a chance to win.

Ask Questions

Interacting with people on social media is a great way to raise brand awareness, make customers feel heard, and increase loyalty. An easy way to interact through social media is to ask questions and encourage people to leave comments on your posts. You can start a conversation by posting a picture of a recent project and asking your fans and followers to leave a comment and talk about their favorite home features. When people leave comments, you can reply to them and ask more questions or simply thank them for participating. Customers who feel that they are truly being heard by a company will be more likely to remember and use that company again in the future.

Offer Discounts

How often do you run sales or offer your customers discounts on products and services? Giving your customers discounts can encourage them to try new products and services that they’ll enjoy, but might not have tried at full price. If you find yourselves doing less business over the summer, then discounts might be a good way to encourage more sales. Again, you can use social media to bring attention to summer specials on products and services. Include links to your website so that your fans and followers can get more details and find easy ways to contact you if they have questions about the deals. Giving your summer customers discounts on goods and services can make them more likely to use your company again for any future home improvement projects.

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