The way we use technology in our daily lives is always changing, because the technology that’s available to us is constantly evolving. We’ve witnessed the evolution of the personal computer, the cell phone, and the mobile tablet, and in a few short years we’ve seen each of these pieces of technology transform over and over again. Voice search is one feature that’s currently on the rise, and it’s best to start understanding and embracing it sooner rather than later. Watch this video clip and continue reading to discover why you need to jump on the voice search bandwagon.

Hands-Free Tech

Given the concerning amount of deaths that happen due to distracted driving every year, hands-free devices have become more and more important in our society. Rather than having to navigate through menus on your phone, your tablet, or the LCD screen on your dashboard, you can simply say a request out loud. Poor voice search technology is frustrating and can have you calling the wrong people or getting answers to the wrong questions. If you want to spare your customers the frustration and make it easy for them to find what they’re looking for safely and conveniently, put more of your focus into refining your voice search technology.

Trending Upwards

Voice search is getting bigger and bigger, which means your competitors are already working on maximizing its effectiveness for their own brands. This technology is spreading at a rapid rate, and you don’t want your business to be left in the dust. You have to be on top of the latest and the greatest in today’s day and age, and voice search has already established itself as a growing force in today’s tech climate.

Brand Loyalty

The more you interact with a digital assistant like Amazon Echo or Google Home, the better it will get to know your taste. This is where brand loyalty comes into play. Eventually you’ll be able to say “order cereal” or “play my holiday playlist” and your digital assistant will remember the brand of cereal you like and the specific music streaming service you use. Integrating your products and services with voice search will help you make sure your brand doesn’t fall by the wayside. This is something to keep in mind at a time when more and more people are interacting with their technology via speech.

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Travis - Digital Marketing Specialist, Copywriting
Travis Ryan

Digital Marketing Specialist, Copywriting