If you want your company to continue to rank well in search engine results, it goes without saying that you should be paying close attention to every move Google makes. In 2018, one of the most sharply anticipated trends among Google watchers is the increasing importance of structured data. Keep reading for a brief introduction to structured data and why no marketer can afford to ignore it.

What is structured data?

Structured data is, essentially, data that helps Google “read” a page. It’s a standardized format that enables a search engine algorithm to identify the content of a page so that it can be classed with similar pages. When every element of the page has a coded label, it makes it easier for web users to locate your page.

What is the purpose of structured data?

Think of all the content being published on the web every hour of the day. The amount of content is so vast that it’s become increasingly challenging for search engines to classify it accurately and help web users find what they’re looking for. Structured data is there, in part, because it makes Google’s job easier. When pages are coded with standardized guides to the content they contain, that content becomes as accessible to search engine algorithms as it is to the people using them.

How does structured data help my site’s results?

Google is gradually moving toward a mobile-first index, which means that their search engines will prioritize the mobile version of a page, rather than the desktop version. Since websites’ mobile versions often have less information than their desktop versions, structured data will help search engines better understand the content of sites. When you encode a page with structured data, it’s also more likely to show up on voice search and special mobile features such as carousels.

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