Here at Pennington Creative, we have writers who work all over the country—even in exotic lands as far away as Hawaii and upstate New York—but Tucson is our home, and it’s the city that we all love for a number of great reasons. Once you look past the scorching hot summers and questionably maintained roads, Tucson is a city that will burrow into your heart with fond memories of delicious Mexican food, breathtaking sunsets, and those funny looking cacti called saguaros. Still not convinced? Here’s a look at what is so great about this little corner of the desert affectionately referred to as “The Old Pueblo.”

Amazing Scenery
When temperatures aren’t exceeding 3 figures, Tucson is a hiker’s paradise with excellent views all over the city. Surrounded on all sides by mountains, Tucson has a wealth of outdoor scenery with an abundance of unique plant life that attracts an array of desert-dwelling wildlife. Even in the middle of the city, you can always count on spectacular sunsets—especially when monsoon clouds hang low in the sky, glowing pink and purple as the sun goes down.

Our Beautiful Office
After exploring some of the more unique commercial spaces in the Tucson real estate market, we’ve settled down in the second story of the historic Reilly building in downtown Tucson. Not only does our office have a colorful history as the former residence of a family of undertakers who ran a funeral home downstairs, but it also has a distinctive charm that inspires our creativity day in and day out.

Top-Notch Dining
There is nothing lacking when it comes to Tucson’s culinary game. Everyone knows that Tucson is the place to go for outstanding Mexican food, but with tons of locally owned restaurants throughout the city, it’s not hard to find exceptional sushi, outstanding Indian fare, or a great burger. The craft beer movement and artisan coffee trends have also not overlooked Tucson, so any hipster can feel happily at home at a local bar, brewery, or coffee shop.

Quirky Local Events
Tucson harbors a great sense of community with events like the biannual 4th Avenue Street Fair, the All Souls Procession, and Tucson Meet Yourself. These represent just a handful of the arts and culinary events that showcase our southwestern heritage and provide a place to gather. There are also plenty of regular ongoing events that we locals enjoy, such as the Tuesday Night Bike Ride or UA Science Lecture Series.

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