Students can expect to receive an excellent education when they attend your school—and print marketing materials can help them learn that! Brochures, cards, and banners are useful tools that can help your school provide important information to students and their parents. Discover how these printed materials can benefit your education facility.

Show Off with Brochures

Brochures allow you to show off with pictures and engaging copy, making them a good choice for open houses, new student orientations, and local educational events. You can create a brochure that offers general information that can help children and their parents decide if your school is the right choice for them. You can also focus your brochures on more specific topics, such as advanced courses, clubs and electives, or campus features. Brochure text should be clean, easy to read, and engaging. Include pictures of the campus, instructors, and current students, and pair these pictures and your text with eye-catching graphics to entice potential new students.

Make Scheduling Appointments Easy with Reminder Cards

Whenever someone schedules an appointment, it’s important to make sure both parties will remember the time and date. Your employees likely have a scheduling book where they keep track of appointments, but students and their parents might not remember to mark this information down. You can help your students remember all of their appointments with reminder cards. Keep a stack of cards anywhere people are likely to schedule appointments, and then simply fill out the time, date, and any other important information before handing them the card.

Commemorate Special Events with Posters and Banners

Whether you’re celebrating the start of a new school year, a festive event, or a graduation ceremony, it’s important to have the proper décor. You can work with a graphic design company to create beautiful and eye-catching posters and banners to hang up any time your school is taking part in a special event. Posters and banners can also be used to highlight special topics or simply build school pride in classrooms.

Help Students Prepare with Postcards

Near the end of summer, you can send out postcards to help your students prepare for a new school year. Postcards can also be used to reach out to potential new students who are looking for a new school to attend. A graphic design company can help you create engaging postcards that will stand out from bills, junk mail, and anything else in the mailbox.

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