Simply having a business website isn’t enough—if your website is difficult to navigate, lacks useful information, or is visually overwhelming, visitors will click away quickly. You’ll lose potential clients, costing you valuable revenue and limiting your customer base. The good news is that there are a few key elements that will keep your website easy to use. Continue reading to find out more about creating an effective business website.

Clear Navigation

Ensure that there is a clear navigation menu on your website, and make sure it remains the same on every page—if the navigation changes on each page, visitors will become frustrated while exploring your site.

Illustration of a web page with easy-to-use navigation.

Give each page a clear, informative title so that your website visitors will know exactly what to expect from each page. If your website contains any images that link to other pages or sites, ensure that they have ALT text—that way, if the image doesn’t load successfully, website visitors will still know where the link leads.

Informative Content

When potential customers visit your website, they’ll likely be looking for information about your products or services. Don’t just list what your business offers—instead, include separate landing pages for each product or service that provide a comprehensive description so that your website visitors can find all of the information they need to make a purchasing decision.

Illustration of several web pages with unique, high-quality content.

Be sure to also have your business’ current contact information displayed clearly on your website. In addition to having a contact us page with your business’ physical address, contact info, and an online contact form, be sure to also display your relevant contact info prominently on each page of your website. For instance, if most new customers get in touch by phone, it’s a great idea to include your business’ phone number in your website’s header or footer. That way, potential customers who want to get in touch quickly can do so without any extra clicking.

Uncluttered Design

Images, custom copy, and useful links are all essential for every business website, but trying to completely fill every page of your site will make it visually overwhelming.

Illustration of a web page with simple, uncluttered design.

Carefully select the page elements you want to include, and remember that white space is essential for a balanced, engaging design.

Mobile Capability

Internet browsing doesn’t just take place on computers. Internet use on cell phones and tablets makes up a large portion of total browsing time, and consumers often rely on mobile browsing to quickly find information about local businesses.

Illustration of a laptop and a mobile phone showing the same web page with responsive design.

This means that it is essential for your business’ website to be optimized for mobile viewing. Simply scaling down the page is not enough—your site should feature easy-to-use navigation designed specifically for mobile use.

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