No matter what size your business is or what products and services you offer, you can build a stronger online presence with content marketing. Blog posts are a popular type of content because they provide valuable information and are designed to answer questions consumers might ask during an online search. Make sure people see your blog posts with these distribution tips:

Share Links on Social Media

Social media provides the perfect platform for distributing your blog content. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are just some of the social media sites and apps you can use to bring more attention to your blog posts. After publishing a blog on your website, create engaging posts that will entice your fans and followers to click the link and read your latest blog. Posting links paired with short descriptions to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles can bring more people to your website while also helping you maintain an active presence on social media.

Ask for Shares and Retweets

Sharing your own links on social media is great, but having other people share your links can make your brand visible to even more people. If you’re looking for more local customers, then you can reach out to other local businesses in your social media posts and ask them to share or retweet your posts to their own followers. If your business has customers in multiple locations, then you can reach out to other businesses or accounts that are relevant to your products and services. Politely asking other accounts to share your posts is a great way to get more people to see your blogs.

Use Appropriate Hashtags

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all let users include hashtags, which are linked words that users can search for to find content that interests them. It’s a great idea to include hashtags when posting links to your blogs—just make sure the hashtags you choose are popular and appropriate. Always research hashtags before including them in any posts to make sure they are relevant to your products and services and not inappropriate or insensitive.

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Jessica - Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Services
Jessica DeMilt

Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Services