Once upon a time, the # symbol was simply known as the number sign. But then Twitter happened, and the # symbol quickly became better known as the hashtag symbol. Today, hashtags are used on almost every social media platform, providing a way to categorize posts and pictures. These social media symbols also help companies deliver content to more people.

Getting More Retweets

According to research from Dan Zarrella, Tweets are 55% more likely to be Retweeted when they contain one or more hashtags. When your followers Retweet your Tweets, they’re sharing them with their own followers. This means people who don’t follow you will see your content and will be able to find the source if they’re interested. Including hashtags in your posts can help you create more shareable content that leads to more views.

Reaching the Right People

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and many other social media platforms allow users to include hashtags in their posts. Users can click on hashtags or search the #symbol followed by a specific word or phrase to find all public posts that feature this hashtag. If you recently posted a blog about the benefits of dental implants, for example, you could create social media posts that link to the blog and include “#dentalimplants.” Then, anyone who is looking up the “dental implants” hashtag on social media will be able to find your post and then read your blog.

Participating in Relevant Trends

Most social media platforms have a section devoted to the most popular hashtags that are currently trending. These might be about things going on in the news, pop culture, or even popular local events. If any of these trending topics are relevant to content you’ve recently posted or are planning to post, then consider including them in social media posts with links to your content. Thoroughly research any hashtag before including it in your posts to make sure it is relevant and appropriate.

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Jessica - Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Services
Jessica DeMilt

Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Services