Some business clients are bursting with an endless supply of blog ideas, while others have no idea what they want beyond a vague directive to “do something business-related.” Your marketing agency’s job is to deliver the crème de la crème that drives up website traffic and fuels conversions. Quality blog topics are those that are informative, engaging, and actionable. After reading the blog post, your client’s potential customers should feel that they’ve found the solution to their problem.

Do Your Research

Becoming well-acquainted with your client is the first step toward creating a bulletproof editorial calendar. Don’t rely on the phone interview alone to inform your blogging strategy. Click through the client’s website, read customer testimonials from major review websites, and research the community if your client does business in a defined geographical area. Familiarize yourself with the client’s industry and what these products or services can do for customers. When you’re done, you should know your client’s key service lines and the demographics of the client’s typical customers.

Identify Relevant Blog Topics

All blog topics should be geared toward the target audience, and they should promote the client’s services or products, either directly or indirectly. An example of a direct promotion would be a blog that explains how customers can use the client’s newest electric wine opener, which just happens to be available on sale for a limited time. An indirect promotion would explain how to design enticing wine and cheese pairings. This sort of blog establishes the company as an industry leader and its owner as an expert who could offer valuable advice to customers browsing the store selection.

Blend Evergreen and Trending Topics

For most clients, evergreen topics should comprise the bulk of an effective blog. These are the topics that stay relevant for months, if not years to come. A veterinarian, for example, could have evergreen blog posts on the proper care of potbellied pigs. Occasionally, it’s appropriate to toss in some trending topics. A hardware store might want to advertise a sale on shingles or a hospital might want to highlight the latest health awareness month. The key is to help your client settle on a balanced mix of blog topics that best meet the needs of the customer.

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