Though it’s difficult to establish your brand without the help of digital marketing, there is still plenty of room for print marketing materials to work for your business. In fact, businesses in the home improvement industry can see some distinctive benefits from print materials, such as appointment cards, mailed coupons, educational brochures, and business cards. If you aren’t making an investment in these printed materials, read on to see just what they can do to make an impression on your customers.

Be the First Name Your Customers See When They Need You

Plumbers, HVAC technicians, and restoration specialists all see a significant amount of business from customers who don’t expect to need their services. Therefore, they might not do much research before making a call to fix a broken air conditioner or schedule mold remediation. If you mail out information about your business to the neighborhoods you serve, your business’ name will be the first thing that comes to mind for customers who might put your brochure, card, or magnet on the fridge.

Create Opportunities to Schedule Future Services

When you provide great services to your customers, they will want to be able to call on you for their future home improvement needs. If you leave behind appointment cards, a calendar, or other printed materials that clients can keep around, they’ll have an easier time becoming return customers.

Increase Trust in Your Brand

Interestingly, with as much research as consumers do online, they tend to attribute more authority to printed materials. With services like home remodeling, customers aren’t making impulse decisions, and they will be looking for information to help them choose the products and contractors they’ll use. Potential customers might put more trust in your company if you have informative brochures and physical portfolios for them to browse. In addition, consumers tend to convert more frequently when presented with paper advertisements rather than online ads.

The right combination of print and digital ads can increase trust in your business while maximizing your brand exposure. Pennington Creative can help you achieve the balance you need with custom design services, including online and print-ready graphics, to represent your brand message with eye-catching imagery.

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