Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to see the tools, apps, and products that people are using to make their lives easier? Of course it would be! That’s why Product Hunt exists—it helps people discover the things they want to buy (or better yet, use for free).

If you’re not familiar, Product Hunt is basically the Reddit of things. It’s a site where product-loving people post the things they love, and others can vote up or down to rank what’s new in Tech, Books, Games, Productivity Tools, and AI, among many, many other categories. For a more personal touch, take a look at what we here at Pennington Creative are loving on Product Hunt right now.

Books:BAMF LinkedIn Influencer

LinkedIn can be an effective marketing tool, but it’s not like other social networks, so it tends to leave companies and individuals wondering how it can be leveraged for better influence. Fortunately, there’s this step-by-step guide to help out with actionable goals for becoming a LinkedIn influencer.

Games: Nintendo Labo

Okay, so maybe we didn’t need Product Hunt to tell us about this one, but it’s still pretty cool and worth a shout-out. Nintendo Labo takes console gaming to new territory by allowing people to build cardboard creations that can interact with Nintendo Switch software. The possibilities are literally endless, and what’s been shown so far is incredibly promising for a new generation of gaming experiences. A playable piano made of cardboard? Yeah, you can do that—when it’s available for sale in April, that is.

Productivity: One Month Skill

Life isn’t all fun and games, but it doesn’t have to be boring and tedious to learn a useful new skill. That’s why we’re pumped about One Month Skill. It’s a platform that curates daily content for—you guessed it—one month with daily emails to help you learn a little at a time. This is the perfect solution for the curious learner or the growing professional who wants to learn something new but just isn’t sure where to start. Oh, did we mention it’s free?

Design Tools: Ko-fi

Being a creative type is hard, especially when you realize where the term “starving artist” comes from. Unfortunately, having lots of fans on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram doesn’t turn a profit without a little nudge. That’s where Ko-fi comes in. This site lets you collect donations in a fun and friendly format that won’t feel obtrusive or desperate. It’s like letting your fans buy you a cup of coffee.

Slack: Interactive Screen Sharing

It’s no secret that we love Slack at Pennington Creative. This messaging app has changed the way we communicate, and that’s important for a company that sustains a staff of full-time remote employees. Product Hunt not only introduced Slack to us, but it’s got a dedicated search category for Slack, so we never miss an update that can make the app even better. What we love right now is Interactive Screen Sharing. Sometimes you just need to show rather than tell, and this screen sharing platform has proven to be the most reliable—but then again, we wouldn’t expect anything less.

Writing: Good Email Copy

Marketing emails are so abundant that even we sometimes wonder if anyone still reads them. The secret here is that the copy has to stand out, or it just won’t get results. Good Email Copy has zeroed in on what works with a feed of effective marketing emails from great companies. Creative inspiration never hurts, and it’s always good to see what other companies are doing to generate results.

Fun: Coffee Pixels

Good marketing runs on coffee, and we’re always looking for new ways to get our coffee fix at Pennington Creative. Thanks to Product Hunt, we’ve discovered that you can now eat your coffee with Coffee Pixels. Not only is this a deliciously cool idea, but it actually has a scientific basis. When you eat your coffee, your body takes longer to break down the caffeine in it, so you get more sustained energy. Not that we don’t love the buzz you get after a morning cup of coffee, but sometimes, you need something a little steadier to take on the day.

What are you loving on Product Hunt? Let us know in the comments and read through our blog for more fun stuff! If you are looking for content marketing services to help you boost your business and let your team focus on what they’re best at, connect with Pennington Creative to see what we can do. When we’re not browsing for fun tools and goodies to use for ourselves, we’re busy producing blogs, onsite copy, and other stellar content for small businesses and marketing agencies alike.

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