Can you remember the last time you were given a true fright? If not, then don’t fear, because Nightfall at Old Tucson is here! Through October 31st, you can head to Old Tucson to see what creepy creatures and ghostly ghouls come out once the sun goes down.

It’s Packed with Eerie Entertainment

Nightfall is a wonderfully frightful experience. Those who are brave enough to enter the haunted town will have the chance to experience comedy, drama, music, food, live shows, and, of course, disturbing attractions. Arrive there early, and you’ll get to see the Opening Ceremony, which features gargoyles and other spooky sorts. Then, check out the Iron Door Mine, where you’ll descend into underground tunnels rumored to be haunted by the souls of cursed miners. Next, head to the Dead Horse Saloon at Doomtown, where it’s said that spirits gather together at their old haunt after rising from their graves.

There’s More Terrifying Territory Than Ever

If you’ve explored the haunted town of Nightfall before, and you’re worried that you won’t get goosebumps, there is good news! Nightfall has expanded its footprint, so you are sure to find something new and suitably scary to experience.

You can purchase tickets for Nightfall at the gate. Gate ticket rates are:

  • Adults (ages 12 and over) – $28.00 plus tax
  • Children (ages 9 to 11) – $21.00 plus tax
  • Children (ages 8 and under) – Free

However, you can find discounted ticket prices by visiting one of Nightfall’s partners, and there are discounts available for groups, as well. So, gather up a bunch of your friends and get ready for a scare!

But Before You Go…

There are a few things that you should know before heading to the haunted town of Nightfall. First, because of the subject matter and realism of Nightfall, it’s probably not appropriate for young kids, anyone with a medical condition, and those who are squeamish. Also, no pets or outside food or beverages are allowed, and tickets and passes for Old Tucson are not valid. You can find out more about Nightfall’s rules, hours, and ticket prices by clicking here.

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