When an internet user stumbles across your website, it’s most likely because they found it through unpaid search results, also known as organic search results. Organic results—as opposed to paid search results, which pop up because a business has paid to have one of their ads displayed on a search results page—are critical to any business’s online visibility. These are some of the reasons why businesses need to put a lot of effort toward improving their organic search results:

Organic search results help establish your reputation.

One of the biggest challenges every business faces is carving out a reputation in their industry and their area. When your business’s website pops up early in unpaid search results, it can’t be attributed to advertising—it’s seen as a reflection of your business’s standing. The higher you rank, the greater your credibility will be.

Organic search results have better click-through rates.

For the most part, internet users are more likely to click on links that they come across while doing organic searches than they are to click on paid search listings. The greater your click-through rate is, the more quality traffic your website will receive—which means that your traffic is more likely to translate into actual sales.

Organic search results are more permanent.

When you pay for an ad to appear on a search results page, that ad will only last as long as your business pays for it. Organic search results, by contrast, have the potential to improve over time, as you continue to hone and optimize your content. As long as your site continues to draw a healthy amount of traffic, your organic search results should continue to be strong.

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