We live in a visual world, which is why so much of digital marketing focuses on the user’s visual experience. From site design to logo and brand colors, companies are constantly using visual cues to catch the attention of consumers and stand out from the crowd. In content marketing, images and videos have become essential tools for communicating to customers. Video in particular has had massive success as a digital marketing tool, because people respond positively to videos with increased ad engagement, click-throughs, and conversions on pages and emails featuring videos.

Showing is more effective than telling.

Videos have become powerful resources for content marketers, because videos can provide a clearer understanding of a product to guide purchase decisions, demonstrate how a given product is used for a more hassle-free user experience, or add charm to a brand by offering a touch of humor or emotional appeal. In general, it can be more impactful to have a visual demonstration rather than a written description, because you can convey much more information in a much shorter period. After just 2-3 minutes, someone may feel completely ready for a DIY home project, where the same project may require about 30 minutes of reading written tutorials.

Watching a video is easier than reading.

It would not be difficult to build an argument that the internet has made people lazy, and the prevalence of video content would support that argument. Watching videos is easy, and it doesn’t require the same level of engagement or critical thinking as reading, so you can still get a message across to your audience, even if they are only half paying attention.

Videos are memorable and sharable.

Videos are effective for making a lasting impression. The sights and sounds of a video can stick with viewers, whereas they may forget an article they read or a picture they saw much sooner. In addition, videos are more enticing to share, so they tend to get much more traction on social media, where a great deal of content marketing happens.

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