Blogging is a terrific way to make your site more dynamic, keep your customers informed about new developments, and give people a reason to visit your site in the first place. Once you’ve decided to add a regular blog to your company’s website, your first priority should be to develop a suitable voice for your posts. Why exactly is that so important? Keep reading to learn the answer.

Your blog needs to be unique

It’s all too easy for a company’s blog to look just like any other blog in its industry. If a blog’s writing is bland, its information generic, and its advice unhelpful, then that blog isn’t likely to develop a dedicated readership no matter how frequently it is updated. The average online attention span is notoriously short, and readers won’t spend much time at your site if they can get the same information in a more readable and engaging form elsewhere. To make your blog stand out from the pack, make sure that you have a unique perspective and a distinctive voice to draw readers in.

The better the blog, the wider the appeal

Many industry blogs are about technical, ephemeral, or otherwise narrow subjects, and there’s no escaping that fact. The way to transcend that potential weakness, however, is to make your blog as universally engaging as possible. If the posts on your company’s blog are always well-written, interesting, and full of personality, you’ll be able to expand your potential audience much more effectively.

Loyal readers are more likely to become customers

The purpose of your blog isn’t just to grow your audience, but to transform readers into leads. When readers get to know you through your blog, they’re more likely to trust you and want to work with you. They’re also more likely to click on your posts’ CTAs and end up taking the actions you want them to take. The more personality your posts have, the more reason your readers will have to keep coming back to your blog again and again.

If you want to effectively build your brand and attract more customers through blogging, you need to make sure that your writing is as sharp as possible. The seasoned content specialists at Pennington Creative can provide you with the well-crafted, deeply researched blog copy you need to stand out in your industry. When you connect with us, we’ll put together a unique package of our best services to help you achieve your goals for your online presence. To learn more, contact us today!

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