From social media marketing to Google ads to website design, every digital marketing service out there revolves around creating high quality content. Even the fastest, most beautiful websites need exceptional content to perform well on search and convey the right messages to their target audiences.

However, most digital agencies have found that writing great content is easier said than done. That’s where a white label content marketing vendor can help. Not so sure white label content is right for you? Continue reading for a closer look at what you have to gain from partnering with the right vendor.

Could You Benefit from Hiring a White Label Content Marketing Vendor?

You may have mixed feelings about outsourcing content writing. Maybe you’ve tried it in the past with an online writing service or freelance writer and had less than satisfactory results. Or maybe you’re worried about presenting your clients with a product that you didn’t create in-house.

White label solutions from an experienced content marketing vendor offer more consistency, quality, and rapid delivery than you might expect. Additionally, white label content marketing means you can put your name on the finished product and your clients will never know you’ve outsourced the job, unless you want them to.

Of course, with any new service your agency spends money on, it’s important to assess the benefits that will come with your investment.

Here is a look at some signs that white label content marketing will yield positive returns for your agency:

  1.  You are scaling up in volume: Writing content is time consuming, especially because most forms of web content aren’t one and done—think blog posts, social media posts, and GBP updates. As your business grows and takes on more clients, keeping up with each of their content needs can quickly become unsustainable. Hiring a content writer in house comes with a variety of costs, along with the trouble of training and onboarding. Plus, a single writer can only handle so much work. Working with a vendor, you can easily scale up to manage growth at any rate, all with predictable costs and the same reliable quality across each piece of content.
  2.  Your specialty isn’t writing content: Let’s face it. Not everyone is a writer. For many digital marketers, content writing is a chore. Your expertise may lie in the more technical aspects of digital marketing, so when it comes time to produce content, you may find yourself frustrated.
  3.  You need to elevate your clients’ website content: Your clients likely come to you with websites that need improvement both in their design and their messaging. While you build a great new website, a white label content vendor can work behind the scenes to produce the written content that will fill each page. With content vendors, you’ll have standardized client intake forms that help you collect all the information needed to produce customized, effective content that speaks to their target audiences and performs well in search.

    Providing reader-friendly content is more important than ever as Google continues to update their algorithms to improve user experiences. In other words, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to game the system with AI content and recycled content that doesn’t offer something unique and useful to readers. This means now is the time to explore more reliable solutions to elevate your clients’ website content.

  4. You don’t want the headaches that come with freelance writers: Using freelance writers may seem like an attractive prospect in terms of cost, but it’s also worth considering the cost of the time and energy you put into screening, hiring, and managing freelancers. There are also many potential headaches that can come with using freelance writers—missed deadlines, varying content quality, and an inconsistent workflow process are just a few challenges you might have to deal with. Vendor-provided, white label content provides you with a guarantee of informative, well-researched copy that follows the best SEO practices.
  5.  You need more than words on a page: If you need services and support beyond content marketing, this is another area where the right vendor can help. For example, you may need someone to publish and distribute content, manage social media profiles, or assist in building Google Ads campaigns. These add-ons are readily available without the need for training from your team.

    Is Now the Right Time to Outsource Your Content Writing?

    If your agency is still relatively small or you aren’t sure you are ready to outsource any components of your process, remember that vendor services are scalable and don’t require a long-term contract or ongoing commitment. You may start with just a handful of blogs or copy for a single website to take a few tasks off your plate and test drive potential content vendors.

    Pennington Creative is an experienced content marketing provider specializing in white label solutions for digital marketing agencies of all sizes. If you’re ready to see what a content marketing vendor can do for your business, set up a discovery call today.

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