Maintaining an online presence should be a priority for all businesses. Social media can help your company build your reputation, but only if you know how to use it properly. Facebook offers a variety of features for business pages, allowing businesses to make the most of this platform. Keep reading for a brief overview of some of the Facebook features that your business should know about.


Originally called “Facebook at Work,” Workplace is a new feature available for businesses that use this social media platform. Many of today’s companies have employees who work in other cities, states, or even countries, while others have employees who are always on the go. Workplace helps coworkers stay connected by creating a virtual office space where employees can meet, no matter where they are. You can easily create a Workplace group for your employees, giving them a place where they can chat with one another, start and share Live videos, make video and audio calls, send direct messages, and even use translation tools.

Audience Insights

Knowing your audience is essential for finding business success, which is why Facebook offers Audience Insights. This tool can help you learn about a variety of factors regarding audience, including location, age, gender, job, relationship status, Facebook usage, and purchase activity. You can use Audience Insights to find these facts about the people who like your page, a custom audience made up of your customers, or the entire Facebook audience.

Live Videos

You’ve probably seen a few Live videos while scrolling through your Facebook feed. This instant streaming tool can be a benefit for businesses that want to show off a new product, service, or special event. Broadcasting live on Facebook can be a great way to get people interested in your business. When your fans like or comment on your Live video, it may show up on the feeds of their friends, letting even more people see your brand.


You’ll need to post regularly if you want to maintain a good online presence with social media, which is where Facebook’s Reminders feature can come in handy. You can set reminders that will notify you when it is time to post to your company’s Facebook page, making it easier to stay consistent and offer fresh content to your fans.

Pennington Creative can help your business learn more about the benefits of using Facebook and other social media platforms. Find out more about our social media services and other online marketing options by visiting our website. To discover more info about the features different social media networks have to offer, visit our blog next week for volume 2 of this blog series!

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