Starting a Twitter page can help your business reach out to new potential customers and show that you’re up-to-date on trends in social media and marketing. Even if your company already has a Twitter page, your employees might not know about all the features this social media website offers to help businesses grow. This platform offers many features to help brands, including:


Like Facebook, Twitter also offers business users insight into their followers with an audience insights tool, which is part of Twitter’s Analytics page. Every business account can start with the Account home page of the Analytics section, which highlights their top performing tweets and shows details about how the tweets and page have been performing over the past month. From here, you can take a closer look at individual tweets or statistics to figure out which posts get the most interaction from your followers.


Twitter makes it easy to get instant feedback from your customers. If you want to find out which product is most popular or ask for opinions about upcoming services, then Twitter Polls can help you get the information you’re looking for. Simply create a poll asking your followers to vote for 1 of up to 4 different options. You can run a Twitter Poll for as little as 5 minutes or as long as 7 days.


Liking and retweeting content from other Twitter accounts can help you share information with your followers and encourage other accounts to follow you. It is much easier to keep track of accounts that you are most likely to retweet or show interest in by creating lists. Use this Twitter feature to put the accounts you follow into specific categories to make it easier to sort through their posts.


Everyone loves GIFs, which is why it can be fun to include them in social media posts. Instead of having to find and format these moving images on your own, Twitter makes it easy to post almost any GIF you can imagine. Simply click on the GIF icon when creating your tweet and look for the perfect image to share with your followers.

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