Spring is a time that is frequently used for resetting and refreshing—dusting off the cobwebs and putting things back into order. The ritual of spring cleaning is something that most people associate with cleaning their windows and dusting their baseboards. However, it’s also a good habit to follow at your business. No, that doesn’t mean that you have to get your employees to show up for cleaning duty. Instead, give your business operations a close look. Determine where you’re doing well and where you could stand to refresh your procedures. Examine your digital marketing strategy, company branding, customer relations, and any other important factors. If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and start “cleaning,” check out the following tips.

Talk to Your Employees

When you’re running your business, you look at everything from a top-down perspective. However, while you certainly know things about your business that your employees do not, you can also benefit from seeing how things work from the bottom-up perspective. Your employees may point to practices that could be streamlined. They could suggest services or products that your customers are clamoring for. Have a conversation with your team members about your business, and stress to them that you want to hear about the things that could be better. Inviting this honest dialogue can help you flag issues that need attention and bolster your team’s morale.

Run the Numbers

It’s easy to get into the habit of writing checks or watching auto-drafts come out of your account, but when was the last time you really looked closely at your expenses? Review your budget and remind yourself where all of the outgoing payments are really going. Make sure you’re still getting the best deals available on everything from ink to professional services from your lawyer or accountant. Call your usual supplier and partners to review your agreement and see if there are any new deals you can take advantage of. It’s also worth shopping around for the things you buy most often to see if there are any opportunities to save.

Check in With Your Customers

Don’t assume that your customers are happy with everything just because they keep coming back. They could simply be biding their time until they find another business to provide the services or products you do in a more satisfactory way. Spring is the perfect time to conduct a customer survey and find out what is going right and wrong with your brand. The information you receive through your survey could provide you with a direction for new projects in the coming months. You can also benefit from comparing the information from your customer surveys to what your employees have told you. When both your employees and customers bring up a point of concern, then you know that fixing it should be a priority.

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Digital Marketing Specialist, Copywriting