There are many great places and organizations that call Tucson home, and one of our favorites is Ben’s Bells. This organization focuses on sharing the message of kindness and encouraging people to be kind and inspire others to be kind, as well. Keep reading to learn more about what Ben’s Bells does to inspire Tucson’s residents.

Making Ben’s Bells

If you live in Tucson, then you’ve probably seen at least one Ben’s Bell somewhere around town. These ceramic wind chimes are created by hand by members of the community. They typically include beads, a centerpiece, and a bell in a beautiful configuration with looks and sounds that inspire joy. Anyone can visit Ben’s Bells’ Main Gate, Phoenix, or Connecticut studios any time they are open to volunteer to make the pieces for Ben’s Bells. This is a fun and inspiring activity for individuals, groups, field trips, and community service volunteers.

Providing Kindness Education

Ben’s Bells believes that everyone can learn how to be kind and inspire kindness in others, which is why they provide Kindness Education Programs. Their Kind Campus Program is offered free to schools and is designed for K-12 students as well as their families and the school faculty and administrators. The Kind Colleagues Program focuses on helping businesses create kind teams. During the summer, kids can attend Camp KIND to learn about kindness with lessons that use music, literature, movement, and arts and crafts.

Hosting Events

Along with kindness education and volunteer opportunities, Ben’s Bells also hosts a number of different events throughout the year. Their Kindness A-Z event is a speaker series that gives influential members of the Arizona community a chance to speak to and inspire kindness in others. There are also Weekly Bellings, where people can nominate someone in the Greater Tucson or Phoenix community who practices kindness daily through their words and actions.

Ben’s Bells is just one of the reasons why so many people, including the team at Pennington Creative, love calling Tucson home. If you want to learn more about our unique city, explore our blog for a look at what makes this city great.

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