When you’re not busy tending to your animal patients, it’s a good idea to work on building a strong online presence. Every industry can benefit from maintaining social media profiles and connecting with customers online, including the pet care industry. These tips can help veterinarians and pet care clinics get started with Twitter:

Offer Seasonal Pet Care Tips

Pets have different needs throughout the year, and it’s important for owners to be aware of them. You can help your followers keep their furry friends happy and healthy all year long by offering seasonal pet care tips.

Illustration of a dachshund dog wearing a sweater.

Right before summer starts, you can post tips for taking road trips with pets or keeping dogs safe and secure on July 4th. Your followers are sure to appreciate these posts and you’ll have plenty of tips to offer every season.

Share Animal Videos and Stories

Everyone loves watching a funny animal video online! One of the easiest and most entertaining types of content to share on Twitter comes in the form of animal videos and stories.

Illustration of a cat video.

You can follow other veterinarians, shelters, and other animal-related accounts that are likely to share funny and uplifting videos with cats, dogs, and other pets. You can easily share, or Retweet, these posts so that your followers will see them.

Alert Followers About Pet Health Issues

Pet owners rely on their veterinarians to keep them informed about elements that affect their pets’ health. Because your customers already look to you for advice, you can start providing tips on your Twitter account.

Illustration showing a bowl of pet food.

You can research pet-related topics throughout the week and look for news stories about pet food recalls, issues with certain pet toys, or other problems that might affect your customers and their pets. Sharing this type of information will help your followers feel more comfortable any time they bring their pet to you for an appointment.

Post Pictures of Pets and Owners

When your customers follow you on Twitter, you can ask them to send you pictures of their pets. Many pet owners provide their veterinarians with pictures of their pets in-person, so you’re sure to find plenty of people who are happy to share pictures of their pets online.

Illustration of a photo showing a pet owner and a cat.

With their permission, you can post pictures of pets and their owners on your Twitter account so your other followers can see. This is a great way to build stronger relationships with your customers online.

If you want some help building your online presence, contact Pennington Creative today. Our content marketing solutions can help your veterinarian practice maintain a quality website and a strong online presence.

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