The rumors of print marketing’s death have been greatly exaggerated. No matter how informative your blog is or how engaging your social media posts are, your dental office can always benefit from print materials. Think of them as a supporting cast. As brilliant as Tom Hanks was in his solo role on Castaway, he still briefly interacted with other actors. Similarly, digital marketing strategies can stand alone, but they shouldn’t have to.

Top Reasons to Use Print Media

Your digital presence attracts new patients by making them aware of your dental office. Now that you’ve got them in your office, you need to reinforce your business’ image as a trusted authority. This is what print materials can do for you. Savvy consumers are often skeptical of online information—anyone can build a website and call themselves experts, but truly credible businesses have tangible, informative materials that their target audience members can hold in their hands, in addition to their online presence. In addition to establishing your dental office’s credibility, print materials are valuable because they take up real estate. Instead of simply ignoring your appointment reminder emails, your patients can put a reminder card on their refrigerator door. This enhances brand awareness and reduces cancellations.

Types of Effective Print Media

Now that you know why your dental office needs print materials as well as a digital marketing strategy, it’s time to look at the forms they’ll take. Keep in mind your business’ needs, challenges, and mission as you work with a graphic designer to develop your print strategies, and don’t forget to ask yourself what your patients want in a dental practice.

  • Business cards: When handing a business card to someone, you can write a personal note on it to make the card psychologically harder to discard. Example: “Jeanne, hope to see you soon for that smile makeover consultation!”
  • Appointment reminder cards: Select a large font size and make your appointment reminder cards visually interesting by including your logo, color scheme, and office motto.
  • Patient brochures: Splurge on full-color brochures—it’ll be worth it. Include essentials, like your clinic’s name, contact info, hours, location, and services. Capture attention by including interesting, little-known facts about oral care. Example: “Did you know the first electric toothbrush was invented in 1954? Here’s how to brush your teeth correctly for a brilliant smile…”
  • Pocket folders: Branded pocket folders with useful fact sheets inside aren’t usually used in the dental industry, which is why they’ll make your office memorable for your patients. For example, after a child’s first dental appointment, provide a pocket folder containing pediatric oral care information.

For flexible print and digital marketing solutions for your dental office, you can rely on the team at Pennington Creative. Our strategic deliverable bundles fit any industry, and we welcome the opportunity to support company branding initiatives with custom projects. We can provide you with the graphic design services you need to implement your print marketing strategy.

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