Before the digital marketing revolution, launching a new service was an easier process. The news cycle was longer, so you could rely on a solid amount of press attention. Today, news flows almost constantly. In addition, consumers are bombarded with information everywhere they turn, which means it is easy for news about your new service to get lost in the shuffle. To have a successful new service launch, you can’t follow the old playbook. Instead, you need to employ strategies designed for today’s digital marketplace. Use these suggestions to make sure your launch gets attention from the right audience.

Use a Rolling Launch

Because you have little control over when media—and consumers—will have the time to devote attention to your launch, avoid having a strict launch date and instead have a rolling launch. The idea of making a big splash on a specific day is no longer the reality for companies launching new products and services, except for the very biggest brands on the market. A rolling launch lets you create a slow buildup of interest over time, instead of an underwhelming attempt at creating a single day of major buzz.

Create Leaks to Drive Interest

Building an aura of mystery around your new service can get customers excited and the media interested. Your social media accounts are a great place to create leaks about your new service—little hints about what is coming that serve to stir curiosity. It could be something as simple as a photo that has some kind of link to your new service and the words “coming soon.” You can also “leak” information to influencers to convince them to start talking about your new service. Is there a blogger who has a large following in among your customer base? Provide them with some exclusive details, so that they can begin to tell your story to your customer and help to drive up the excitement about what could be coming.

Develop New Reasons to Talk About Your Service

After your service is available to consumers, don’t stop launching it. By giving people new reasons to talk about it, you will give your launch legs. This will allow you to continue to connect to new audiences. Add a free trial, offer special pricing, feature reviews from consumers who have used it, or make new content, like a video, that highlights features of the service available. By keeping the story going, you’re giving the media and influencers new reasons to talk about it. With fresh details, people can jump into covering your new service, even if the launch has passed, because the story won’t feel dated.

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