In 1906, a train wreck in Atlantic City, New Jersey caused the deaths of 50 people. Ivy Lee, the gentleman who represented the Pennsylvania Railroad, cajoled his client into issuing a statement about what had happened. He wrote what is widely considered to be the first press release, and distributed it to journalists to ensure they got their facts straight. Back then, the strategy was considered revolutionary. Since that time, companies both large and small have embraced the power of the press release to spotlight their products and services, build their brand, and get more customers in the door. Don’t let your business miss out on this compelling, yet under-utilized method of boosting brand visibility.

Announcing Your New Business or a Business Rebrand

You’ve spent months or perhaps years getting ready to launch a new business or rebrand an existing business. It’s been a long haul, but now you’re ready to introduce yourself to the world. What better way to establish your brand than with a marketing campaign that includes a press release? With one simple document, you can heighten brand awareness, build credibility and trustworthiness, and spark the curiosity of new customers.

Making Company Announcements

Any major change to your company should be heralded with an attention-grabbing press release. Perhaps you own a real estate agency and you’ve just hired a new realtor. Send out a press release with a quick bio, professional headshot, and a reminder of how your company can help homeowners and buyers. The new real estate agent might not necessarily be a star attraction at your company, but hiring him or her does create an opportunity to reinforce brand awareness in your community. You can also use a press release to announce management changes, a relocation of your store, or major renovations that will better meet your customers’ needs.

Creating Product or Service-Related Buzz

Any time you introduce a new service line or product, it’s an opportunity to re-introduce your brand to your target audience. Perhaps you’re a carpenter who has primarily done framing work, and you’re branching out into woodworking. Use a press release to let your existing clients and new customers know that you’re available to create one-of-a-kind household furnishings.

Piggybacking on Current Events

There doesn’t have to be a major change at your company for you to issue a press release. You can piggyback on current topics within your industry to firmly establish your reputation as a credible, authoritative source. Let’s say you’re a financial planner. Your local newspaper runs a story about an unscrupulous individual charged with embezzlement of client funds after falsely pretending to be a certified financial planner. You can issue a press release to your local paper, letting your neighbors know what to look for when hiring a financial planner. Not all publicity is good, but any publicity that you create for yourself will reflect well on your business.

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