Social media is the lifeblood of a modern marketing campaign. You can take a comprehensive approach to your social media marketing by monitoring your mentions. Social media listening allows you to get to know your target demographic better, and to evaluate what they like and don’t like about your brand. By staying on top of your mentions online, you can shape a more trustworthy reputation for your business.

How to Track Your Mentions

There are several methods you can use to track how influencers online are responding to your brand. For best results, use a mix of tools. Some of these tools are free, such as All you need to do is type your company’s name into the search box, and you’ll get a full breakdown of all of your recent mentions. At a glance, you can compare positive, negative, and neutral mentions, and you’ll get the link for each of them. Another free tool is Google Alerts. Once you set up your alerts, you’ll get an email when people are talking about your brand online. Other mention trackers that are paid services, such as, may also be useful.

How to Respond to Negative Mentions

It’s virtually inevitable that not everyone will like your brand. Instead of letting negative social media mentions ruin your day, turn it around by thanking them for their feedback. Leave a genuine message that lets these unhappy customers know their opinion is important to you, and that you will use their feedback to do better in the future. Never fight a negative review with a negative comment.

How to Respond to Positive Mentions

It’s always fun to read nice things people are saying about your business. So, make the most of it by engaging with these individuals. Leave a comment to thank them for their kind words, and consider giving them a coupon they can use for your products or services in the future. These positive interactions can convert satisfied customers into passionate brand ambassadors.

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