The holiday season is coming up—is your business ready? This is the time of year when consumers are buying gifts for loved ones and taking advantage of holiday sales, so it’s important for companies to prepare for the season’s typical shopping trends. It’s also a good idea for companies to know how to adjust their social media marketing efforts for this time of year. Today’s consumers depend on social media to help them find the products and services they want, and this is especially true during the holidays.

Keeping in Touch with Consumers

As you’ll see in this video from Sprout Social, the holiday season is typically the busiest time of year for retailers—both in store and online. Last year, the average retailer was expected to receive at least 3,000 messages over the holidays, which was a 30% increase from the number of messages received in 2015. Out of these messages, most contained or were expected to contain questions, concerns, or comments from consumers looking for fast, friendly, and helpful responses. Social media makes it easier than ever for consumers to contact businesses, so it’s essential that businesses are ready to provide helpful responses as quickly as possible.

Setting Your Business Up for Sales Success

Social media plays an important role in sales. In fact, 1 out of every 3 consumers admits that their purchasing decisions can be influenced by social media. But what do consumers want to see from companies’ social media campaigns over the holidays? 38.8% want to see holiday cheer online, 19.5% want to see promotional messages, 15.8% want to see news, 13.5% want responses to messages, and 12.4% want to see educational content. Your business can use this information to create social media posts that will attract fans, bring people to your website, and result in more sales over the holidays.

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Jessica DeMilt

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