Social media platforms make it easier than ever for businesses to interact directly with customers. Twitter offers many great features that allow businesses to talk to their customers and find out what they’re looking for in products, services, and online experiences. Polls are one of the features your business can use to make the most of your Twitter account.

What Twitter Polls Are

Twitter polls allow users to ask their followers to vote for one of up to four options. Questions and answer options are embedded directly into the Tweet, meaning that they’ll show up clearly on your followers’ Twitter feeds. Users can easily vote in polls whether they’re viewing their Twitter feeds on desktop or mobile.

How to Set Up a Twitter Poll

When composing a Tweet, you can click on the “Add poll” icon and then enter your question. Then, enter the first option into the “Choice 1” box and the second option into the “Choice 2” box. If you have more options, you can include them by pressing the “Add a choice” button. Polls can have up to four answer options, but only need two to be published. Once published, users will be able to vote and will see the poll results after clicking on their chosen option. You can set the poll to run for as little as five minutes or as long as seven days.

Different Ways to Use Twitter Polls

One of the best ways to use Twitter polls is to ask your followers questions about their preferences regarding your products and services. You can also ask more general questions about your industry to start a conversation or even pose fun questions that will entertain your followers. Twitter polls can also help you figure out what types of content your followers are most interested in seeing on your website.

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