Everybody knows that images tend to speak more directly than words, and videos can be more powerful still. That’s why blog posts that feature videos and apps can be such a valuable addition to your company’s blog. These short posts allow you to recommend quick, accessible videos or apps to your readers. If your business isn’t already making use of this type of blog content, it’s time to start.

Using videos in blogs

An easy way to make your business’ blog more engaging is to include blogs that feature an embedded video. The video itself can be of anything that you think might be interesting to your readers, whether or not it is directly related to your company. Some businesses prefer to post their own videos, while others emphasize how-to videos, and others prefer to post videos that are primarily funny or entertaining. The text accompanying the video serves as an introduction, and it usually consists of only one or two paragraphs. It shouldn’t give away everything in the video, of course; it’s intended as a teaser.

Using apps in blogs

Another popular type of blog post uses a link to an app rather than a video. With literally thousands of apps available on the market, your blog’s readers are bound to appreciate a short and engaging introduction to one that they may find helpful. For example, a dental practice’s blog might want to feature an app that reminds you to brush and floss, or that times you while you brush.

The benefits of video and app blogs

Video- and app-enhanced posts can make your blog more lively and readable by adding both visual interest and a new way for your readers to use the blog. They also help to keep your blog fresh and unpredictable. The more varied and interesting your content is, the more likely new readers are to return to your blog.

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