What social media websites should your business be using? We’ve already covered the benefits that companies can expect from using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—but there are many other social media platforms out there that can provide even more benefits for different types of businesses. This guide can help you learn more about other social media platforms and the features they offer.


Every business should have a LinkedIn account. Even if you’re not currently looking for new employees, this social media website can help you build a stronger online presence and make connections with people and businesses in your community and your industry. You can post blogs and other engaging content on your LinkedIn page, which will encourage people to visit your website and learn more about your brand.


Snapchat is unique in the social media world because it is more private than other platforms. Unlike apps that allow users to publicly comment on posts, Snapchat only allows for direct messages between users. This can still be a great tool for marketing, though, especially if your business offers products or services that are easy to capture on film. You can post pictures or short videos, known as snaps, to show off various aspects of your brand and encourage potential customers to visit your website.


Did you know that you can create a business profile on Pinterest? This social media platform allows users to pin pictures, videos, and articles that they find interesting, and then share those pins with others. Your business can use Pinterest to show off your products and services in fun and engaging ways. Other users will be able to interact with your posts and click on them to visit your website.


If you think videos would be a good marketing strategy for your business, then you should create a YouTube account. YouTube videos can be short or long and may cover a wide variety of topics. They are also easy to comment on, share, and embed, so you’ll be able to post your videos on your other social media profiles to encourage more views.

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